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"Loved it!"


"Knockout performance of the year!"


"I did not stop smiling."


"Will truly give you a much needed boost!"


"Each in their own right made a statement of how talented they are and then together proved their harmonies and love for entertaining can not be denied"

Girls Night Out 2022

Three of Vallarta’s next-generation artists team up for a night of heavenly harmonies, presenting iconic girl-group songs from Boogie-Woogie Bugle Boy to Beyoncé’s best! 


In what has been called “the knock-out performance of the season,” Girls Night Out is a collaboration of harmony and choreography that reimagines the sounds, moves and sass of the most notorious girl groups of the last century. This show highlights the influence of trailblazers like The Andrews Sisters, The Supremes and The Spice Girls. By celebrating the evolution of confidence, sexuality, and lyrical freedom, Girls Night Out spotlights the essential role women play in our ever-changing world.


The stars of Girls Night Out arrived independently to Puerto Vallarta as solo performers, first meeting and joining voices in November of 2018. Following rave reviews and applause for more, the three combined their talents, personalities, and undying work ethic to create Girls Night Out. Their debut performance in February 2019 was said to have “the best harmonies Vallarta has seen in 25 years!” 


Full-time touring musician and comedienne, Stolie from Chicago, along with Winnipeg’s theater creative and cabaret ring-leader, Kami Desilets, plus international cruise ship triple threat, Hannah Brady from New Jersey, pair scintillating harmonies with fierce dance numbers in their collaboration of Girls Night Out!


Brought to life by three local entertainment sweethearts who have become best friends while developing this original show, Girls Night Out will have you cherishing your own friendships and reliving the music that defined your formative years!

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