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**As of April 2021, Hannah is no longer teaching private lessons or group classes. You may sign up for the email list in case this changes.** 


Classes are 1-on-1 in a secure environment. I encourage students to relax and feel comfortable in their voices and bodies; therefore spectators are discouraged except for parents of minors. My lessons are a no-stress environment free of judgment.


Lessons are offered to both English- and Spanish-speaking students. 

Whether it's just for fun, a hobby, something you're exploring professionally, or you're already a seasoned professional looking to level up.... I have the training you need. 

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"Miss Hannah's new Musical Theatre class is a total hit. With a focus on current and recent Broadway shows and a foundation in classic Broadway, this class will provide students with a well-rounded dance knowledge. Make no mistake: Hannah has traveled the world starting in Manhattan, where she trained with Ricky Hinds, Nick Kenkel, Jim Cooney... some of the most in-demand choreographers in New York and LA. This dance class will help introduce newcomers to all kinds of musical theatre genres (Newsies, Legally Blonde, Cabaret, Cats, Sweet Charity) while still engaging them in the more commercial side of musical theatre."


"I always thought you are either born with an incredible voice or you aren't... I was raised by teachers and I recognized what a true talent she has for teaching." 

"(I hope) that people who want to learn come across THIS for their own sake because I know there are so many eager students out there that would LOVE to have Hannah as their teacher/coach/mentor and/or Muse."

"Give Hannah a chance to help them."

"Excellent and very knowledgeable. I am constantly amazed at what a difference in my singing voice I have achieved in just a few short months." 

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