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A Dove on the Beach
Music ... what's old is new... and that is what unites us all.

Get ready, Vallarta! It's about to get loud. Dynamic vocalist Hannah Brady is shaking things up with rock, funk, and soul!


Quite the opposite of her show "Golden Era Evening," Ms. Brady's funk show transcends generations and genres. "A Dove on the Beach" honors such legends as The Jackson 5, Stevie Wonder, Etta James, and Sting, with the spice of Top 40 artists who have been inspired by these greats. This show will have you dancing in your seat, reminiscing with your friends, throwing back a few drinks, maybe even pulled onstage if you’re lucky!


Crafted for both English and Spanish-speaking audiences, "A Dove on the Beach" debuted at Incanto Vallarta last year. Now Ms. Brady's reinvented the song list and amped up the volume, this time at Nacho Daddy's

A Dove on the Beach
 To book a show at your venue or event, use the Contact page for bookings. You can also request Hannah's shows at your favorite venue on  TRIPADVISOR 
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